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Reports > Labor > Labor SvA

Purpose & Common Uses

This advanced Labor Scheduled vs. Actual (SvA) page allows an in-depth view of labor data by Region, Area, or Store, as well as by Employee or Date.

  • Increasing labor scheduling efficiency

  • Dialing into Scheduled vs Actual Sales, Labor $ and Over Time by Store, Date, Region, or Employee.

  • Analyzing variance between forecasted sales and actual sales

  • Calculating labor %

  • Including or excluding manager hours in labor $ and %

  • Printing

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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How to Use This Page

Select Viewing Options

  1. Select a Region, Area and Store

  2. Select a From and To date from the calendar

  3. Select a View by Date, Region or Employee
    (star) To View by Region do not select an individual store.

  4. To include Manager Hours toggle the Include Manager Hours button
    (star) Managers are configured by Job Code in POS Admin > POS Setup > Labor

  5. Click Apply

View by Date

Click on a row to slide out the store-by-store SvA details for the selected date

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View by Region

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View by Employee

Selecting View by Employee will return a list of all employees with scheduled or actual hours for the date range defined.

  • To narrow the report by Employee Name select the Employee drop-down in the top right.

    • Search an employee's name by typing into the Employee field.

View by Employee cannot be ran in All Stores or All Company View.

Results are sorted in ascending order by the following metrics:

  1. Date

  2. Store

  3. Shift Start Time

  4. Name

(star) Multiple clock in and clock out times for a single shift will show as 2 lines.

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Metric Definitions & Calculations



Other Notes

Role Name

When scheduled shift exists Role name from Labor Scheduling Maintenance will be used.
When no schedule shift exists and only Actual exists, POS Job name from POS Admin will be used.


Will display a checkmark for the employee who picked up the shift

Sched Shift

Scheduled shift start and shift end times from Labor Scheduler

Scheduled Shift time punches

Act Shift

Actual POS clock in and clock out timestamps

Actual Shift time punches

Sched Hrs

Shift End - Shift Start difference in Hours from Sched Shift

Scheduled Hours

Act Hrs

Shift End - Shift Start difference in Hours from Act Shift

Actual Hours worked

Hrs Var

Act Hours - Sched Hrs

Variance of Actual vs. Scheduled hours

Sched OT

Scheduled Hours over 40 hours per Labor Week, Job Role, and Store
Based on Sched Shift from Labor Scheduler

Scheduled Overtime hours

Act OT

Actual Hours over 40 hours per Labor Week, Job Role, and Store

Actual Overtime hours worked

OT Var

Act OT - Sched OT

Variance of Actual vs. Scheduled overtime

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