POS Admin

Adding POS Categories

Navigate to Maintenance> Point of Sales> POS Admin > go to the POS Setup tab 

  1. Create a new category by selecting the Add New button
  2. Check Active
  3. Check Include if you want them included on the DSR calculations for sales.
  4. Enter Account ID as your third party general ledger account number that will be used for Invoices#SalesExport

(star) Note, if Include is not selected, those categories will not be included in DSR Reporting


Adding POS mapping

Navigate to Maintenance> Point of Sales> POS Admin >  go to the POS Mapping tab

  1. Create a new Department by selecting the Add New Departments button
  2. Type the Department Name
  3. Select Save
  4. Uncheck the Show Mapped items only option
  5. Find your new Department and add the POS ID 
  6. Select Save Mapping

Adding a POS

Navigate to Maintenance> Point of Sales>  POS Admin 

  1. Select the Add POS button
  2. Add the Name for new POS admin you are adding
  3. Select Save
  4. Now deselect the box for Show mapped items only
  5. Find the new entry and add the POS ID
  6. Select Save

POS Store Assignment

  1. Select Add Locations
  2. Add a check to any location you want to be added to the POS mapping

(star) Note: Any store that already has an assignment will appear in pink.



  • For Brink system map both Discounts and Promo IDs here


  • Reductions will include Comps and Voids 


Navigate to Maintenance> Point of Sales> POS Admin> POS Set Up Tab > Labor Tab

  1. Select Add New
    1. Define the Labor Type as the description of the Job
    2. Account # is required. If this is unknown, you will want to use the Job POS ID
    3. Group options are FOH or BOH 

(star) Note: This is also referenced in Labor Scheduling Maintenance


Check Active to make the Labor Type available for Employee Jobs on the /wiki/spaces/CKBDA/pages/13992040

Active Labor Types will be included in Labor %, Productivity and Projected Labor Hours throughout Decision Logic.

Uncheck Active to Hide on POS Admin and the Employee Roster. 

(star) Note: Unchecking Active does not remove this job from historical Payroll Reports


Check this box to include this Labor Type in Labor %, Productivity and Projected Labor Hours throughout Decision Logic.

(star) See: /wiki/spaces/DCKBA/pages/169902136 and Daily Sales Report DSR 

Leave unchecked if you do not want to include the Labor Types hours and dollars in reports. 


Check this box to exclude this Jobs hours and $ from Labor Scheduler

Manager Jobs can be toggled as included/excluded in /wiki/spaces/DCKBA/pages/169902136

(star) See: /wiki/spaces/DCKBA/pages/169902136 and Daily Sales Report DSR 

Leave unchecked if you do not want to include the Labor Types hours and dollars in reports. 

Salaried Employees

When scheduling salary managers, GMs would like to be able to see hours for coverage but they don't want these shifts to count towards dollars or hours on the schedule.

Labor IDs that have their Manager box checked will be ignored. This manager flag can be updated in the Labor tab of POS Setup.

For additional Labor Scheduling Considerations of Salaried Employees see: /wiki/spaces/DCKBA/pages/169902136 

Gifts and Service Charges

  • Map all non-revenue items under Gifts tab. This will include Gifts sold and service charges in Decision Logic. 


  • Create Deposit types for Manual entry or auto-import
  • Depending on your point of sale system deposits may be imported automatically. Contact support to find out if your Point of Sale system is eligible.

Order Types

  • Order type sales can be mapped to break out Department sales into Order Types or "Order Modes" from the point of sale. 

Paid Outs

  • Start by creating Paid Out accounts or "reasons" in PPC Maintenance#Accounts 
  • Once accounts are flagged as Paid Out in PPC Maintenance#Accounts navigate to Maintenance> Point of Sale > POS Admin > Paid Out tab
  • Un check "show mapped items only"
  • Enter the POS ID for each Paid Out Account
  • If you do not have a POS ID you can enter a generic POS ID to enable Paid Outs for manual entry on the /wiki/spaces/DCKBA/pages/600866823

Paid Out Automation 

  • Paid outs can be automated for import depending on your POS system. 
  • Once automation is enabled paid outs should no longer be entered manually on EOD. Automation will overwrite any manual entries. 
  • To account for product paid in or out in inventory set up accounts or items to be received following


I created a new Discount, Comp, Void, Sales Dept, Payment Type, Gift Card or Job Code in my POS. How do I add it in Decision Logic for reporting?

Navigate to Maintenance> Point of Sales> POS Admin 

Select the appropriate Tab for the type of field you created > Add New > Create Name > Enter the POS ID > Save Mapping.

The ID will report going forward. If you want to have historical reporting, you will need to re-run UDT.

(star)Note: Customers on the file de-duplicator will need to clear the Sales or labor form the EOD Process.

(star)For Aloha Voids see Aloha POS Admin

(star) Note: Gift cards sold should be set up on the Gifts tab in DL and NOT on the Departments tab. Gifts sold do not add to sales for the day and instead are treated like an 'IOU' for a future payment redemption at the store.

I want to map a Paid Out/ Paid In but the Add New Paid Outs is greyed out on the POS Admin Paid Outs Tab.

To have Paid outs and Paid Ins auto pull from your POS, you will want to request that Decision Logic build a UDT Task for you.

Submit a support ticket using our Customer Support Portal

Once the task has been enabled by Decision Logic, you will want to enter the Account in PPC Maintenance and then map the POS ID in POS Admin.

See PPC Maintenance Accounts.

Should I map cash in POS Admin?

Decision Logic does not track cash payments. Cash payments typically come across as Payment POS ID 1 and they should not be mapped in POS Admin. Doing so will cause your Cash O/S to be inflated. We do calculate cash payments using the following formula: 

Cash Payments Calculation = Net NetSales + Net NetTaxes - all other Payment types mapped in POS Admin (such as your credit cards and gift cards).

If your POS has a Credit and Cash Summary Export, it can differ from the standard formula.

Decision Logic also calculates your Cash Accountability and your Cash over short. 

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For additional questions or assistance, please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Help Center.

All training videos are located in the /wiki/spaces/CKB/pages/1121779733