Supply Chain Maintenance Workflow

To ensure items are set up in Decision Logic from procurement to plate follow this work-flow with links to user guides on each step. 

Supply Chain Maintenance

  1. Start by creating your Cost of Goods or other direct and indirect operating accounts via PPC Maintenance#Accounts

  2. Create all Vendors you wish to track purchases for via PPC Maintenance#CreateVendor

  3. Complete COGS Maintenance set up for all accounts that should report to the Cost of Goods Sold report. 

  4. Create Distributors via Distributors Maintenance for all inventoried purchases 

    • Ensure each Distributor has a PPC Vendor assigned to

    • Assign stores to each Distributor 

  5. Create Ingredient(s) via Ingredient Management for all inventoried items 

    1. Prepped batches should not be created as an ingredient but instead should be created as a Prepped Items recipe and added to Inventory Sets Maintenance

    2. For a bulk import of items you may request an Ingredient Import template using the Customer Support Portal and send back to us for completion

    3. Add Ingredients to Inventory Sets

  6. Create Bid File (s)

    • Ensure the Distributor exists

    • Add or Map Items

      • For inventoried items ensure all bid file items are mapped to an Ingredient with Inv MX and Rec MX Defined

      • For non-inventoried purchases define the Account at the bid file level. Ingredient mapping is not required for non-inventoried items

    • For Bulk Item Import

      • Request a Bid File Import template from our Helpdesk by using the Customer Support Portal and send back to us for completion

  7. Create Order Guides

    • Add Bid File item(s) to Order Guide

    • Additional locations can be added under Maintenance > Order Guide locations

    • Assign Stores to Order Guide

  8. Create Recipes

    • Create Prepped Items for Prepped Recipes 

    • Create Menu Item Recipe

  9. Menu Maintenance

    • Ensure Menu Item Exists with POS ID and Price on Menu Set in Menu Maintenance

    • Check with IT or POS Support  if you are unsure where to get this information 

Template for Information Gathering on Each Step

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Supply Chain Quiz

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