Ingredient Management

Decision Logic offers the ability to view cost and variance reporting across all distribution centers with Ingredient Management.

  • Create ingredients for all inventoried items

  • Ingredients will be used in 

    • Prepped Items

    • Menu Items

    • Bid Files

  • Start by Navigating to Maintenance > Product Ingredient Management or  Search "Ingredient Management".

Create a “new ingredient”


View Mapping Info

View Recipe Detail


Add to IVA

Allow Credits

Manage Account or Cost Category

Add new ingredients to use in recipes or any product to inventory. Be sure and add new ingredients to Inventory Sets Maintenance

Right-click to search for ingredients. 

Distributor Bid Files information

See what order guide an item is on.

See what inventory set an item is on. 

Menu Maintenance

Edit ingredients:

Inventory Measure

Recipe measure

Account Category 

Check the box to add or remove an ingredient from IVA reporting. If the ingredient does not go into recipes adding it to the IvA report will cause high variance. Consider only adding items that go into Recipes.  

  • For items set up to allow credits, ensure bid file price is set to positive.

  • How do I manually receive orders? and Enter Order for credits should be entered as in the form Negative Quantity * Positive Price

Cogs Maintenance > Accounts

Table of Contents

For additional questions or assistance, please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Help Center.

All training videos are located in the Decision Logic Video Vault

Creating a New Ingredient

  • Start by selecting “new ingredient”  on the top left corner of the ingredient management page.

  • A new window will open where you will enter Ingredient information. 

Ingredient Info:

  • Name

  • Type 

  • Account

  • IVA 

  • Allow Credits

  • Measures:

    • Recipe by the (oz, bag). 

    • Inventory by the: (oz, bag,.)

  • Ingredient Group: define or create new

  • Select save once complete. 

Search Ingredient Info

  • Type a keyword or letter in the search box located at the top right of the landing page and select “go” or hit enter from your keyboard.

  • The search will populate a list of ingredients that have the word “steak” and list Description, Type, Rec Ms, Inv Ms, IvA inclusion, Prep Item, Allow Credit option.

  • Sort the results by selecting any of the headers.

  • Right-Click on the description of any ingredient and you will see the options to view Mapping info, Show Recipes, Edit, or Delete.  As shown on the image below.

Edit Ingredient 

  • To edit an ingredient right-click an ingredient to access the edit function

  • You can edit 

    • Name

    • Type (food, liquor, etc.)

    •  If you need a new Ingredient Type Added,  please submit a support ticket by visiting the Decision Logic Help Center.

    • Account

    • IVA 

    • Allow Credits

    • Measures

      • If you change measures, you will also need to update your bid file multipliers accordingly. 


View Mapping Info

When viewing the ingredient description list from ingredient management, you can right-click to see the mapping info.

Doing so will open a new window like the one below. This window will show you:

  • Bid File Mapping- All the bid file items that are mapped the ingredient by the distributor, including Account, Pk\Sz\Price\Rec Ms\Inv Ms\Broken Case Flag (on or off)\Catch Weight\Shrink

  • Order Guide Mapping - will show you the Order Guide Name the ingredient is on, which bid file item that order guide is using, and which Distributor that bid file item comes from.

  • Inventory Sets – details on set name, hot item flag, and comments.

Show recipes

  • Select the view option “show recipes

  • Once selected a new window will open that will show a list of recipes that ingredient is included on the left.

  • Use the hand tool to select a recipe to view its details that will populate in the description box on the right

Deleting an Ingredient

By design, our system does allow you to delete data that has historical reporting. Instead, we recommend that you change the name for prepped items or ingredients with a preface of X or DNU or Do Not Use.

 If you have any questions about deleting anything from the system, it is recommended that you consult with us first so that you don't create unintended consequences. 

 Please note, deleting an ingredient will remove history in the following locations and features in your site, this change can not be restored:

Ingredient Accounting Category Map


Inventory Intermediate

Inventory Ingredient Active List

Inventory Set Product Map

Store Inventory Location Map

Menu Products

Ingredient Sort

Ingredient Group Map

Inventory Requested Changes

Menu Product Sub Recipe

Production Sheet Product Section Map Bulk Prep

Production Sheet Set ID Map Bulk Prep

Production Sheet Store Map Bulk Prep

Store Ingredient Accounting Category Map

Sub Recipe Mx

Production Sheet Item Map

Production Sheet On Hand Count

Production Sheet Override

Production Sheet Section Store Item Map

FAQ Keg Credits

If you need to have both credits AND deposits tracking as separate line items on a single receive you will need to create 2 ingredients and 2 bid files (one for the credit and one for the deposit). Then be sure to put the ingredient on the inventory set and bid file items on the order guides for a Manual Receive. 

If you want to manage these as a single line item:

  • Create a single ingredient called keg credit/deposit

  • Create a bid file item under each distributor as a single item number with a positive price.

  • put the ingredient on the inventory set

  • put the dc item # on the order guide

When doing manual receive

  • Credits should be entered as a negative quantity.  

  • Deposits should be entered as a positive quantity.

We want to ensure that all customers have access to our most current templates for the bulk import of data into Decision Logic.  We can generate the following templates for you at any time. These can be returned via email to

Import Templates  

  • Ingredients

  • Bid file Items

  • Menu items 

How it works:

  1. Start with the Ingredient Template. Fill that out with any items we need to set up for inventory and send it back to

  2. Once we import ingredients for you, you can ask we generate a new version of the attached bid file template that will contain all the new ingredients we just imported to help you quickly complete bid file mapping

  3. Fill out 1 Bid File Template for each (Restaurant website) for each Distributor, we are adding items for and send them back to us. 

Example: If we are adding bid files to 5 different distributors you would send back 5 different excel files each named by the Distributor. 

4. Once we import the next steps for you would be:

  • Add new Ingredients to Inventory Set

  • Add bid file items to Order Guides

  • Build Recipes in Recipe Book

  •  Bulk Menu Item Import For those using Recipe Book, this feature is currently disabled on your sites in the user interface but we can still import items via the database with the templates. 

Please do not change the template format or data references contained in the template.

The templates are designed to directly insert into your database.

If the file is returned modified beyond repair or with import validation errors, we will send it back and ask you correct or create a new file.

You can ask us for a new bid file template anytime you add new ingredients.