Adding Menu Data

Utilize the Menu Maintenance page to create new menu items and map them to a menu set.

Preparing Your Menu Items and Menu Set Data

Before importing or adding menu items to Decision Logic, it's important to get a full data pull of all menu items in your Point of Sale database into an excel sheet so that you can correctly build menu sets and account for all of the following situations:

Duplicate Menu Item Descriptions with different POS IDs

  • Although a common occurrence in the point of sale, Decision Logic does not support having the same menu item description with 2 different POS IDs on the same Adding Menu Data Menu Sets in Decision Logic. To solve this, there are 2 options:


  1. Rename one of the duplicates in Decision Logic prior to importing via excel or when manually creating the menu item.

    1. When you build the recipes, you can build the recipe for 1 item and then copy the recipe into the duplicate item.

  2. Create an additional Menu Set that could contain the same-named menu item description using the different point of sale, this solution will require maintaining an additional menu set long term.

Duplicate POS IDs with different Pricing 

  • We cannot have the same object # with 2 different prices in Decision Logic. If we did, you would have double depletion on that item. To solve this please pick a price and delete the row that has the price that you don’t need.

Incorrect menu item category

  • If your Menu items have not been created with the correct category, fix this in the point of sale and then reassign the menu item to the correct category in Decision Logic via the User Interface or in the import template prior to importing.

Incorrect Menu Item pricing 

  • If your Point of Sale menu item has the incorrect price, you should correct the price in your point of sale system first.

Collecting Menu Item Information from the Point of Sale 



Decision Logic 

Menu Item Description

Menu Item Description

Object Number

Point of Sale (POS) ID

Family Group Name

Menu Category. 

  1. If the Family Group as Menu Category does not exist in Decision Logic the menu item will import to Uncategorized and you will need to manually update the category on an item by item basis. 



MD.name_1 AS 'Menu Item Description'
,MD.obj_num AS 'Object Number'
, AS 'Family Group Name'
,PD.preset_amt_1 'Menu Item Price'
JOIN MICROS.fam_grp_def FD ON MD.fam_grp_seq = FD.fam_grp_seq
JOIN MICROS.mi_price_def PD ON MD.mi_seq = PD.mi_seq


ITM.DBF Header

Decision Logic Value


Menu Item POS ID

Short Name/Longname/Chitname

Any of these can be used for Menu Item Description in Decision Logic based on your preference. 


Menu Item Price 


Most groupings labeled ******NAME****** should be used as Menu Item category in Decision Logic. 


  • Open Excel first, then look for the ITEM.DBF and open the file. 

  • Sort by Item Number to see menu item categories

  • Use anything labeled ******NAME****** as your Menu Item category in Decision Logic. 

    • In the example below, BREAKFAST would be the menu item category for anything after that row until the next *** row begins.  

  • If the Family Group as Menu Category does not exist in Decision Logic, the menu item will import to Uncategorized, and you will need to manually update the category on an item by item basis. 



Searching Menu Items and Recipes

Navigate to Maintenance > Product > Menu Maintenance 

  • The Menu Maintenance page displays two tabs in the upper right corner, Menu Items and Menu Sets. 

  • The Menu Items tab allows the user to create new Menu Items, attach recipes, and add recipes to Menu Sets. 

  • The Menu Sets tab allows the user to add, edit, or create new Menu Sets.


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