Distributors Maintenance

Distributors Maintenance controls the stores' ability to place orders from different distributors in Decision Logic, defines the ability to create manual receives, and allows invoices from these distributors. It is also the maintenance page for Distributors Order Schedules, Order Prediction Methods, and Vendor Portal. 

Navigate to Maintenance> Company> Distributors

Create a Distributor

  • Select New

  • Enter Name

  • Define Type

    • Auto: used for electronically integrated Distributors

    • Manual: used for non-electronic

    • Select the PPC vendor

      • This is the vendor set up in PPC maintenance > Create Vendor

      • Address, City, State, Zip Code, Contact, Phone, and Fax are optional fields.

      • Customer # 

        • Enter Fintech Vendor id prefixed with FIN for Fintech customers 

  • Allow off Cycle Orders

    • Turn on to allow orders off schedule 

  • Enable Order Prediction

    • Turn on to enable Predictive Ordering by Distributor 

    • Check to enable Order prediction methods below 

  • Allow Invoices from Manual Receive

(warning)Only enable this box for manual distributors

  • Enable Small Vendor Portal

(warning)Disregard this function it is legacy with no function. 

Example 1: Auto Distributor with Off-Cycle orders, Predictions, and Actual usage prediction method enabled

Example 2: Manual Distributor with Fintech Id and Invoices from Manual Receives allowed. No Off-Cycle orders or predictions.

Distributor Stores

Link stores to the distributor for which they will be ordering from either automatically through electronic integrations or with manual entry for inventory and invoicing purposes.

  • Select Distributor from drop-down box

  • Select New

  • Enter Store Name

  • Enter Cust ID for Electronic Integrations 

    • Each store's cust id must be provided by the Distributor. When setting up the integration It's important to ask the distributor what # they are expecting Decision Logic to use when placing orders and request that the same # be used when the distributor is sending back e-invoices. This is to ensure that the invoice maps to the appropriate store. Do not always assume cust id it is simply the store account number. Always validate the number to be used for ordering and being sent with invoices with the Distributor. 

    • Fresh Concepts Restaurant Database ID
    • Fintech Retailer Store ID
  • Cust Store
    • Performance Food Service Opco # 
    • FINTECH Retailer Store ID
    • Cheney Brothers Opco#
    • Fresh Concepts Distributor Code
  • Enter Delivery Delay

    • This will be ignored if an Order Schedule is set up in favor of the delivery dates on the schedule

    • Select Schedule if applicable.

Order Schedules

Set up automatic order scheduling for stores and distributors.

  • Select New

  • Enter Schedule Name

  • Check days stores can order from  Order Days from the weekly list

  • Enter Delivery Delay in the number of days

    • Delivery days from the Distributors tab will be ignored when a distributor is assigned to an Order Schedule with Delivery Delay
      (star) Ord Tue/Fri Del Wed/Sat indicates stores on this schedule will order Tuesday and Fridays for Delivery Wednesday and Saturday.

  • When a Distributor is placed on an Order Schedule with a store assigned the dates will automatically populate as those stores options for ordering upon Order Entry in Decision Logic.
  • Stores will not be allowed to order outside of the schedule unless Off-Cycle Orders are enabled.

Schedule Stores

Assign Stores to a Distributors Order Schedules 

  • Select a Distributor from the top-left drop-down menu.

  • Select a Schedule from the top-right drop-down menu.

    • You may have multiple schedule options if you create multiple schedules for the distributor selected in Order Schedules.

    • Select a store from Available Stores left pane and use the >> to move the store into the Assigned Stores pane on the right. This effectively assigns the store to a particular Distributor and Order Schedule.

    • Repeat Steps 2-4 until all stores are assigned to their schedule options.

Schedule Detail

Generate schedule detail dates for the future. Manually enter dates that can fall into the schedule as an off-cycle order due to holidays.

To automatically generate dates

  • Select Distributor, Year and Month and select go.

  • Select the Schedule from the left notice, the selection becomes highlighted in orange.

  • To Generate dates for the selected Distributor, Order Schedule, and Year, select Generate.

    • A message from the webpage will notify this option overwrites any manual additions

    • This function generates order dates for the entire year

    • Manually add dates as exceptions

Manually Enter Scheduled Dates

  • Select Distributor, Year and Month, and select go.

  • Select the Schedule from the left notice, the selection becomes highlighted in orange.

  • Select the Order Date

  • Select the Delivery Date

  • Enter Notes where needed. This section is typically used for notes regarding changes or additions to the schedule based on holidays.

  • Continue steps 1-4 until all dates are entered

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