Company Hierarchy

Decision Logic allows for multiple companies, regions, and groups to report at an Enterprise level.

Create a company hierarchy for reports under Maintenance > Company > Hierarchy Maintenance.

Create Company, Region, and Group labels as needed.



Navigate to Maintenance > Company > Stores.

The Stores maintenance landing page features stores by Customer ID, Store Name, Company, Region, Area, UDT ID, Tipped, Non-Tipped, and Status. Sort the displayed information by clicking the column in the header row.

New stores can be created, edited, and deleted from this page.

View: Order Guides, Inventory Sets, and IUT Partners.


Add New Store & Edit Stores

When clicking on New or Edit, the pop-up box below will display empty fields for New stores or populated with saved data to Edit.  

An area must be assigned for the store to populate a UDT id and display it in Decision Logic reports. See Hierarchy Maintenance for adding new areas. 

Click the “Save” button when you are finished entering information.


Franchisor Maintenance

Franchisor Maintenance can be used to customize the account number field in accounting exports.

  • The account numbers that appear on an export come from how they are assigned in POS Admin / POS Setup and PPC Maintenance. These can be overridden at the store level or higher.

  • Common account number overrides are for Labor, Payroll, PPC Account, PPC Vendors, and POS categories such as Paid Outs, Order Types, and Departments.

Please contact your Account Manager if you need t make changes to the lines in the export that are not achieved through Franchisor Maintenance.

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