Managers Page

Add Manager to End of Day

To add Managers to the list of users who have the End of Day transaction access, you will want to navigate to:

Maintenance> Company> Manager

Select the add +Manager icon button

  • Enter the following information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Start Date
  • Select add +stores
    • Select the Manager's Store
    • Select the Manager Type

Edit Manager 

  • Select the Edit Pen Icon on the Right Side of the Mangers list on the Managers page

Delete Manager

  • Select the trash icon on the Right Side of the Managers list on the Managers page

Terminate Manager

  • To terminate a manager's access to the End of Day you will need to remove the store assignment from that Manager. 
  • Select the Edit pen icon
  • Select the X next to the Store assignment
  • Select Save

Taking these steps will remove the Manager from the End of Day list. 

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