How do I transfer to & receive products from another store (IUT)?

This article will show operators how to transfer products between stores and receive products sent to their store from another store.


Decision Logic’s platform allows stores to transfer products between each other.  We call this an Inter-Unit Transfer, or IUT.

Decision Logic Administrators must set up stores as IUT partners to allow transfers between stores. IUTs will deplete inventory in IvA and COGS reporting from the sending store and add to the receiving store’s purchases.

This takes place once the order is received through the platform.


Check out this video on how to transfer to and receive products from another store, or keep scrolling.

Transfer Items to Another Store

There may be a time when another store runs out of product, such as bacon before their delivery arrives and asks your store to send them bacon.  Follow these steps to transfer products out of your store to another store. 

The IUT tab within Order Home is where you will create transfers, display orders that need to be received (product sent to your store), transfer details, and transfer history in and out of your store.

Begin by navigating to:

Operations > Direct Order Entry > Ordering Home > IUT

  1. Select the Company, Region, Group, and Store.  This is the store transferring out product(s).

  2. Select the Destination Store.  This is the store receiving the product(s).

  3. Input a Comment for the IUT.  This helps explain the reason for the transfer.

  4. Click Create IUT.


  5. Type the item name in the Search bar and click Enter on your keyboard.

  6. Type in the Quantity from the Available Item(s) being transferred and click Enter or Tab on your keyboard.  This will move the item(s) to Transfer Items.

  7. Click Post.



The transferred order will appear in the IUT History.  Users can sort the IUT history from the past 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days.


Receive Items from Another Store

When a store sends a location product(s), the receiving store will need to receive the order in Decision Logic’s web application to ensure all reporting is accurate.

Transferred product(s) can be received from the Order Home and IUT.  Below are the steps to receive from the IUT tab.

Begin by navigating to:

Operations > Direct Order Entry > Ordering Home > IUT

  1. Select the Company, Region, Group, and Store.

  2. Highlight the order To Be Received.  The Order Details will appear on the right.

  3. Right-click on your mouse.

  4. Click Receive.


  5. Verify or update the Date Received.

  6. Click Next.


  7. Verify or update the Quantity Received.

  8. Click Post Received.


The IUT will have the status as Received.  It appears in

  • IUT History

  • Order History

  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

  • Cost and Variance report

  • Budget report

  • IUT Export



Affected Reports

Receiving orders impacts:

It is essential that you carefully review the orders you are receiving and receive them when the order is delivered.




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