How do I enter & post an electronic order?

Decision Logic provides two avenues managers can take when entering an order.  You can either order and post from the web application or order through our mobile application to electronically integrated distributors.

This article will focus on entering and posting electronic orders through the Decision Logic web application.  Check out this article on how to enter orders through our mobile application!


Decision Logic can integrate with distributors that have the capability to allow orders to be sent electronically.  When integration occurs during implementation, it lets managers place an order from our web or mobile application directly to the distributor.  This creates a smooth transaction between a store and a distributor.


Check out this video on how to enter orders electronically through the Decision Logic web application or keep reading!

Enter & Post an Electronic Order

Begin by navigating to:

Operations > Direct Order Entry > Ordering Home > Enter Order


  1. Select the Company, Region, Group, and Store.

  2. Select the Distribution Center that will receive your order.

    1. If continuing an existing order, select Continue Current.

  3. Click New Order.  A new order will override an order currently in progress for that distributor.  The date will default to today’s date, and the delivery date will default to the next day.


  4. Input the Quantity for each item per Category.

    1. Select Next or Previous to move to another category which automatically saves your progress.

    2. Selecting Save also saves your progress.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Review your order and Post Order.


The order will show the total dollar amount and quantity and move to Orders to Receive and Order History.  You can download a PDF of the order once posted.


Distributors will fulfill the order and send an electronic invoice directly to the Decision Logic platform.

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